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As a frequent shopper, I use my card often. Change investing has been a saviour, where I get to save each time I shop. Would recommend this product to all millennials. Save while you shop!


Creative Director

Appreciate has changed my entire outlook towards investing. Never thought that tiny investments could make one of my dreams come true. Appreciate has given me a new way to look at change and make it grow.

Siddhi Kale

Lead UI

How it works

Start Change Investing, even with just Rs 5!!

Whether you spend Rs. 35 or Rs. 935, we will round up your transaction and invest your change. Bringing you closer to your dreams and goals.

AI Enabled Higher Returns

Small investments. Large returns.

Add up to Rs.1,000 per month towards your investment portfolio just by rounding up your transactions. That Rs.1,000 could become lakhs of rupees over time!

  • Daily micro-savings and tools to maximize disciplined savings, every day!!
  • Access to US market that offers higher returns
  • AI enabled portfolio recommendations - hassle free investment decision making for you
  • Automated rebalancing and portfolio management - you can rest easy

Value for Money

Easy, one click,
low cost - for everything

Over the past decade, the US S&P Fortune 500 companies have outperformed the BSE/NSE by over 20%. We ensure you can access this market easily, with no friction and at a low cost.

Zero Commission, no minimum investment, no subscription fees

One click investing that’s seamless & hassle free

Complete transparency with no hidden fees


Safe, Secure, Trustworthy - Everytime.

Whether you’re buying, selling or browsing — at Appreciate we take your security very seriously. Your money is safe with us because:

  • - Gold standard KYC to authenticate your account
  • - Industry best practice encryption in place
  • - Stringent security measures
  • - 24/7 monitoring of all activity
  • - Industry best practice encryption in place
  • - Stringent security measures
  • - Insurance available from the Securities Investor Protection Corporation --- an US government agency
  • - Insurance available to safeguard your portfolio, held in the US by Appreciate's clearing partner Drivewealth, in case of bankruptcy or any other systemic failure

Note: Insurance not available to protect against trading losses that may be incurred.

  • - We are compliant with all relevant FEMA, RBI and investment regulations
  • - We, and our partners, are compliant with relevant US regulations, so your investments stay protected
  • - Seasoned operating team that has security and safety as its top concern
  • - Deep experience in Financial Services and E-commerce

Frequently asked questions

There are 2 ways in which this works:-

  • You allow us to read your transaction based SMS alerts on your phone and we automatically link your cards and wallets. Every time you spend using any of these cards or wallets, we will round up to the nearest Rs. 10 and withdraw the change from your linked bank account.
  • If you do not wish to let us read SMS alerts on your mobile, you simply authorize us to take an amount, which you specify, from your linked bank account on a daily basis

However, we recommend the former. We believe this helps you save and invest in a disciplined manner and makes saving and investing hassle free and easy!!

Your change is automatically invested in a portfolio of US stocks which our proprietary AI algorithm determines based on your financial profile.

As soon as you sign up and complete KYC, you can access your Appreciate account and start investing. In accordance with government regulations, investing is only allowed once Know Your Customer (KYC) steps are complete, and we have verified your KYC documents.

Yes! In 2004, the Government of India started the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) to enable Indians to send money abroad for a number of reasons. Investing in overseas markets is one of the allowed reasons. All investments through Appreciate will fall under this LRS regime and are thus completely legal. You can invest upto US $250,000 per person per year.

Yes! We believe higher financial returns should be accessible to everyone and not just to those who know a lot about the stock market. In fact it is our mission to help customers who are not experts in finance to get returns that are in line with what experts get. Once you sign-up, you can answer a small set of questions that will help Appreciate's Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithms understand your preferences and goals and create a portfolio for you - without you needing to become an expert in the stock market!

Why you should choose appreciate

  • Global Investing, Higher Returns - for Everyone
  • Investing Solutions- for Every Need
  • Easy, One Click, Low Cost- for Everything
  • Learn How and When to Invest- Everyday
  • Safe, Secure, Trustworthy - Everytime