Our Vision

To be the #1 trusted destination for you to achieve your financial goals.

Our Values and Principles
  • Customers First, Always: We are customer obsessed, customer inspired, customer driven - if it does not make sense for our customers we do not do it.
  • Meritocracy of people and ideas: The best ideas win, the best people rise to the top. No hierarchy or nepotism, Zero tolerance for discrimination.
  • Integrity and Safety are non-negotiable: Integrity (in all its forms - legal, moral, corporate, personal) and safety are cornerstones for us. They are more important than growth or profits.
  • Action oriented owner-doers : We rise to the challenge, and solve problems. We do not give up, we do not pass the buck. We take stock, assess options, analyse as needed, and take the actions required. We have an owner mindset and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • We build the ecosystem: We are building a destination - for consumers, for partners, for intermediaries. We will be flexible and thoughtful to make sure the ecosystem works, not only for us, but also for our key partners. We will use data as our guiding beacon, and our decisions to improve the ecosystem will be data driven and analytically sound.
  • Obligation to dissent: We speak up when something is wrong. Each one of us has an obligation to dissent if we disagree with any decision or actions our teams, peers or managers are taking.
  • If these values resonate with you, send us your resume along with a short cover letter to careers@ppreciate.com

    We would love to hear from you, please leave us your feedback, or just a simple “Hi” at customervoice@ppreciate.com