Automatic SIP: Automate your monthly SIPs to take advantage of rupee cost averaging and become a disciplined investor

Automated SIPs made easy

Set up your SIP once according to your parameters, then forget about it - just enjoy the rewards that flow your way!


Why SIPs with Appreciate

Set up SIP mandates securely

Schedule an automatic payment system for your SIPs, and never worry about a missed payment again!

Discover the perfect SIP with SIP calculator

Get an idea of how much your SIP is going to earn for you over a time period - just log in the relevant numbers and get a detailed review of the ROI.

Get AI-recommended portfolio based on your risk profile

Everyone is willing to risk different levels, and that’s okay. Simply gauge how much you’re willing to put into the market, and let our AI recommend the best SIPs for you!

Benefit from dollar cost averaging

Set up your investments in intervals (as SIP) across a period of time to lower your overall risk and losses!

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