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Investment Interfaces Tailored for You
Grow | बढ़ाई

AI Enabled Investing

The world of investing can be complex. We’ll make guided investments to help you achieve your goals through our proprietary AI algorithm based on deep financial research.
Fraction | अंश

Fractional Group Investing

Split the cost of a share with multiple people by owning as little as 1/100th of a share. Or save together for a common goal like that trip you’ve always wanted to take with your friends.
Pro | अनुभव

Pro Trading Platform

Use our easy to use and intuitive interface to place trades like a pro. Pick and invest in US and Indian securities at the click of a button.

Key Features


Globally diversified investing - less risk, start +5% up

Our goal is to get you the best possible returns. Grow your money through investments in US stocks, in addition to Indian stocks. Capture global growth in developed and developing countries while diversifying away individual country risk. Benefit from annual currency appreciation (versus INR) for investments in US$.


Save as you Earn, Earn as you Spend - helping you save every day

You can choose to save on a one-time or a monthly basis to keep progressing toward your financial goals. We can also round up your transactions and save the change. For example, if you buy groceries for Rs 95, we will round-up and invest Rs 5 towards your goals.


Zero minimums, zero subscription fees

We charge zero subscription fees. We pass on some costs to you that we incur but we'll be completely transparent about these. Also, invest the amount you want to - no minimum investment amount!


Only the best investment assets for you

We believe in taking decisions that help YOU make the most money. We carefully pick the best assets for you guided by detailed financial research. We do not pick assets that will give us a kickback - Ye Investments Sahi Hai!!


We help you invest - hassle free, but cutting edge

We have built our technology robust but simple - so that everyone can access it and benefit from it. Answer a few questions and decide how much to save - our AI engine will help you invest, while keeping you informed at every step. If you’re a pro, no worries!! We have advanced trading features and rich market analysis to help you make the right trades!!


Automatic rebalancing and optimal tax harvesting for you

When your investments are guided by us, we will automatically rebalance your portfolio aligned with your risk appetite - making adjustments as required. We will also optimize changes in your portfolio to minimize tax incidence. Leave these to us to handle in the background :)

Let’s first get a rough sense of your risk preference! In previous stock market/future crashes like those in 2008 before recession and in 2020 from Coronavirus, how did/would you react?


What do you want to save toward?


How old are you?

How much do you plan to have at retirement?

Integrity, Security and Privacy are central to everything we do

High integrity and experienced team

Our team comprises of trusted industry veterans with combined expertise of over 100+ years in financial services, analytics and e-commerce. You can trust them, not only with your savings, but your family's savings as well!!

SIPC insured - Your savings are secure

All your investments are insured by the US government agency SIPC up to US $500,000 or INR 3.5 crores. Bankruptcy and deposit protection that you can trust.

Industry leading data privacy

We use state-of-the-art security measures such as end to end data encryption based on the AES-256 standard, the safest available in the world. Technology you can trust.

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