Fractional Shares: Own US Stocks for ₹1 with Fractional Investing

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Such an amazing app with incredible features and easy to use. Appreciate the app. Investing in US stocks is very easy. Fractions feature is very useful, you can invest even in small amounts.

Appreciate Wealth User
Palak Yadav
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Being able to invest in fractions of expensive stocks through Appreciate is a game-changer for someone on a budget like me.

Appreciate Wealth User
Monika Agrawal
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How it works

Small is the new BIG!

Thanks to Fractions, trading in the world’s best stocks is now within easy reach. Any US stock, any amount!


AI Enabled Higher Returns

Fantastic returns,
at a fraction of the cost

Buy a fractional share in Amazon, Google, Tesla and other premium US companies. Watch your earnings grow!

  • Own the highest returning companies within your budget!
  • Stock picking recommendations guided through Appreciate’s AI
  • Reduce the cost of your trading by inviting others you know to buy
Global investing, higher returns

Value for Money

Easy, one click,
low cost - for everything

Over the past decade, the US S&P Fortune 500 companies have outperformed the BSE/NSE by over 20%. We ensure you can access this market easily, with no friction and at a low cost.

Zero Commission, no minimum investment, no subscription fees

Zero Commission, no minimum investment, no subscription fees

One click investing that’s seamless & hassle free

One click investing that’s seamless & hassle free

Complete transparency with no hidden fees

Complete transparency with no hidden fees

Appreciate Wealth Online Share Trading Appreciate Wealth Online Trading

Get the gold standard of trust

Your money’s safety is our top priority

Safe, Secure, Trustworthy - for everytime
  • 24/7 monitoring of all activity
  • Transaction flow tracking from the first step to the last
  • AI-enabled auto-flagging of suspicious activity
  • A trusted name with top-notch security standards
  • Fully compliant with FEMA, SEBI, and RBI regulations
  • Gold standard KYC to authenticate your account
  • Industry leading AES 256 encryption
  • Stringent security measures
  • Safeguard your portfolio, held in the US by Appreciate's clearing partner DriveWealth, in case of bankruptcy or other systemic failures
  • Portfolio insurance worth $500,000 included
  • Backed by the US-govt agency Securities Investor Protection Corporation

(Note: Insurance not available to protect against trading losses.)

  • We work with reputed brokers and investment advisors based out of India and the US so you can invest in a safe, secure and compliant manner.

Frequently asked questions

Buying (and selling) stocks on the Appreciate app is easy, hassle free and all you need is a tap of the finger. When you tap your finger to buy (or sell) a stock, you place an order to buy (or sell) the stock on an US stock exchange that Appreciate seamlessly executes on your behalf. You can place several complex order types in addition to simple Market orders. Please download the app to try it out!

We developed our recommendation engine algorithm in collaboration with the researchers at the University of Connecticut Finance & Analytics Department. These recommendations are generated based on two key aspects, which we believe inform the investing decisions of customers:

  1. Customer interest: What would the customer like to invest in? This is generated by identifying other customers that are similar to the customer at hand based on demographics and behavioral characteristics. Then recommending holdings of similar customers to the customer at hand.

  2. Portfolio Optimum: What would add optimum value to a customer's portfolio? This is generated by using a dynamic efficient frontier algorithm to iterate over the universe of securities and calculating which securities improve key ratios of the customer's portfolio (e.g., Sharpe ratio, Treynor ratio).

Ultimately, the generated recommendations are blended to create a list of recommendations for each customer that incorporates their interests as well as optimal asset/portfolio characteristics.

Holders of US traded fractional shares will not have voting rights for the fraction of a share owned, even if more than 0.50 shares are held in your account. Voting rights are not enabled administratively on our platform for shareholdings of less than 1 US traded share.

Appreciate's fractional share feature allows you to purchase US securities, through Appreciate and our US based broker, in rupee amounts rather than share quantities. This means that you can buy less than one share and invest small amounts to get the benefit of investing in marquee stocks such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, within your budget / savings ability!

Fractional investing allows you to purchase a fraction of a share, making it possible to own stocks that may otherwise be too expensive. For example, with as little as Rs.100, you can buy a fraction of a share in a top US company through the Appreciate app. 


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