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24×7 Investing: How to make money while you sleep?

We all work towards financial goals with the assumption that the time we devote to working will eventually be rewarded with money. The longer we are actively working, the more we earn. Simple, right?

But swamped with life responsibilities and running a race that seems to have no finish line, we overlook the fact that we won’t always have time to devote in exchange for money. What happens when we can’t keep our side of the bargain? What happens to our financial goals when we stop working?

The ability to make money while you sleep or when you cannot barter your time for it is what ultimately helps you achieve all your goals. You need not be caged up in your office cubicle all your life to dream about buying that swanky SUV you always wanted.

Put simply, the amount of money you make does not have to be linked to the amount of effort and time you are willing to put in. It is fathomable to get paid to sleep, dream, and repeat. What will help you achieve this is earning a passive income by harnessing the myriad ways in which you can make money while you sleep.

Which is to say that you can outsource your earning obligations to AI-enabled financial tools that help you achieve your financial goals passively.

Don’t bind your investment by time

Dedicating time to investing can be a hassle. You are required to be hooked to stock exchange updates, forced to listen to financial experts who say things that you don’t always understand AND must get pressured into subscribing to The Economist without really having the time to read it.

This consigns you to adopting an under researched, hasty and often irregular approach towards investing. If only there was an autopilot mode for your investments. Enter, Appreciate – a share market app that takes care of your investments and trading needs. Thanks to Appreciate algorithm-driven services and machine-learning-based solutions, investing no longer requires you to take a hands-on approach.

Financial technology now allows people to invest 24/7. Appreciate’s AI-enabled services help you set flexible investment frequencies depending on your financial position. It recommends the most performing assets to make the best of a given market situation. It factors in the latest market trends and adapts your investments accordingly in an automated manner.

Switch to automated investing

Not everyone has the same financial goals or the same risk appetite or even the same financial priorities. Evidently, this impacts the way you invest. Your investment decisions are ultimately tied to your financial position. What you need is an investment advisor that collates your financial data and creates a portfolio that is adapted to your preferences.

This is where automated investing comes in. Automated investing uses what are commonly referred to as robo-advisors to build, curate, and adapt your investment profile based on market trends as well as your financial data such as income, goals, and risk appetite.

You can then pre-programme buying and selling of assets based on timing, price, quantity, or any other model. Being driven by artificial intelligence, your robo-advisor has the capacity to not only make and execute trading decisions with an efficiency that no human could match but also prevail over emotions involved in those trading decisions.

Want to buy a particular stock when its price goes above the 200-day moving average but don’t have the time to keep track? Leave it to your robo-advisor. Want to rebalance your portfolio to factor in fluctuating global economic conditions? Your robo-advisor is already on it.

Automate the diversification of your portfolio

An unstable market is a reality. The fear of inflation devaluing your net worth is real. How do you deal with uncontrollable forces that erode your potential wealth?

An AI-enabled investment tool like Appreciate diversifies your portfolio by allocating your money across different assets, markets, and sectors. This is done primarily with the intention of protecting your portfolio from financial risks such as a global financial crisis or a pandemic.

Once your portfolio is diversified, you can make a single trade to invest proportionally across your favorite assets which essentially becomes your own ETF. Thanks to digital platforms, you no longer have to worry about volatile markets and complex trading models but simply rely on your auto-diversified portfolio to not only protect the value of your money but also increase it passively.

Invest daily. Or better, have someone do it for you

The path towards having a robust investment portfolio involves investing on a regular basis. The general idea is to have Systematic Investment Plans and occasional lump sum investments (salary bonuses, cash gifts) to meet the regularity requirement. But that only means that you are investing all that you are left with after you have spent on monthly expenses, liabilities, and other wants.

What if there was a way to invest systematically without having to intervene every time? Appreciate’s automated AI-powered change savings feature compresses your investment frequency and invests your money with every spend. It pools the amount of change with every transaction completed using a digital payment app and automatically invests this amount on a daily basis.

Invest without losing your sleep over it

Making money while you sleep essentially means waking up richer every day. While it does require an initial effort and considerable amount of organization and discipline, it’s totally worth it. 

You don’t need to actively watch the market and make real-time trades, hands-on. Nor do you need to engage a broker for it, whose expense is justified only beyond a high threshold of capital you’re investing. You don’t need to spend inordinate amounts of time researching before every investment decision. You don’t need to plan well ahead for saving a quantum of money every month to invest. 

You can now invest with minimum active intervention to activate the power of compounding that will help you achieve your financial goals. All of that, even while you’re comfortably asleep.

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