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What Is Step Up SIP and How Does It Work?

1. What is Step Up SIP?

A Step Up SIP is a type of Systematic Investment Plan where instead of investing a fixed amount regularly, you steadily raise the amount at a predefined pace. 

This model suits individuals forecasting their income to increase in the coming years. It empowers them to invest more funds as their paycheck expands.

2. Step Up SIP Benefits

  • Higher Returns: Since you invest more as time goes on, your total investment gets larger. This can lead to higher earnings. 
  • Flexible Investment: This plan fits incomes that increase. You can start small and invest more later when you get a raise. 
  • Harnessing Power of Compounding: With larger investment amounts, compound interest has a bigger impact on how fast your money grows.
  • Disciplined Saving: It encourages a habit of saving and investing a portion of income as it increases.
  • Customisable: Investors can set the Step Up rate according to their financial goals and income growth expectations.

3. How Does a Step Up SIP Work?

In a Step Up SIP, you first invest a basic amount. Then, every year, you increase how much you invest. This increase can be a fixed number or a percentage of your current SIP amount. It essentially matches a person’s rising income, letting them invest more money over time. 

4. Difference between Regular SIP and Step Up SIP

With regular SIPs, the investment amount stays the same throughout. It’s a fixed plan where you invest a constant sum at set intervals. But in a SIP with Step Up, you purposefully increase the invested amount periodically.

AspectRegular SIPStep Up SIP
Investment AmountFixedIncreases periodically
FlexibilityLowerHigher, adjusts with income
Potential ReturnsConsistentHigher potential due to increased contributions
SuitabilityStable income earnersGrowing income earners
ComplexitySimple to manageRequires more active management

5. When To Start and Stop The Step Up SIP

  • Start: Ideally, begin a Step Up SIP early in your career when your income is expected to grow.
  • Stop: You can stop the Step Up SIP before the end of the tenure, but it’s advised to continue until the set investment goal is reached.

6. What is the Step Up Amount in SIP?

The Step Up amount in SIP is the additional amount by which your SIP investment increases at set intervals. 

For example, if you have a ₹10,000 monthly SIP with a 10% annual Step Up, the second year’s monthly investment would be ₹11,000 (10% of ₹10,000 added to the original amount). 

7. Things to Remember Before Starting a Step Up SIP Investment

  • Ensure your income will reliably increase to support higher investments
  • Step Up SIPs are more beneficial over a longer horizon
  • Align Step Up rates with your financial objectives
  • Understand the risks involved in the investment
  • Monitor and adjust the plan as needed based on financial changes

8. Final Thoughts 

A Step Up SIP is an effective tool for those with growing incomes, allowing them to gradually increase their investments and potentially enhance their wealth over time. 

Investing in a Step Up SIP is like planting a tree; initially, it grows slowly, but over time, it can grow into a robust financial asset. 

At Appreciate, we provide the tools and resources necessary for both novice and seasoned investors. Visit our website to learn more and start your journey towards financial success. 

9. FAQs

9.1 Are Step Up SIPs good?

Step Up SIPs are considered beneficial for long-term wealth creation. They allow gradual and systematic investment, minimising financial burden and offering significant returns due to compounding.

9.2 When can you open a Step Up SIP?

You can begin a Step Up SIP at any time, but you can’t switch to it midway through an existing investment. You need to pick the Step Up amount and timing at the start.

9.3 What is the formula for a Step Up SIP? 

The formula for Step Up SIP calculation includes the initial investment amount, the periodic Step Up rate (either a fixed amount or percentage), and the investment period. This helps in estimating the total returns considering the Step Up contributions. 

9.4 What is the best Step Up SIP?

The “best” Step Up SIP varies for each investor, depending on their financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon. It’s advisable to consult with a financial advisor to find a SIP that aligns with your specific needs.

9.5 Can you start small with a Step Up SIP?

Yes, you can start small with a Step Up SIP in India. The minimum amount required to begin such an investment is generally as low as Rs. 500. This makes it accessible to a wide range of investors, including those who are just starting with mutual fund investments.

9.6 Can I alter my Step Up SIP details later?

Typically, the Step Up specifics are fixed at the beginning and can’t be changed midway. 

9.7 Can an investor start a Step Up SIP anytime?

No, you can’t switch to a Step Up SIP during an existing SIP’s timeframe. It must be decided when first setting up the investment. 

9.8 Can I stop my Step Up SIP before completion?

Yes, you can stop a Step Up SIP early, but you may need to notify the Asset Management Company and follow their process.

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