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Social Trading: Everything You Need To Know

Getting started with investing can seem scary. But imagine if you could tap into the skills of experienced traders to guide your decisions. That’s the cool idea behind social trading platforms. These sites let regular people connect and learn from experts.

Global Social Trading Platform Market


The social trading market, expected to reach $3.7 billion by 2028, is rapidly growing as more people use platforms to follow expert traders. New investors need to understand this expanding field to fully benefit from it.

What is Social Trading?

Social trading lets investors mimic the strategies of experienced traders through platforms that offer tools to observe and replicate their market moves and analyses. 

When selecting a brokerage, it’s wise to examine their commission rates and fee structure closely. 

Rates can differ, typically falling anywhere between 0% to 50% of the transaction amount. Most brokerages utilise an incremental system, where rates increase by chunks of 5% across pricing tiers.

Types of Social Trading

Copy Trading

Copy Trading is a strategy where traders in the crypto market replicate the trades of successful crypto investors, hoping to mirror their success. A survey shows that 93% of futures and spot crypto traders have seen profits with this approach.

Mirror Trading

Mirror Trading is similar in that it involves copying another investor’s strategy. However, it doesn’t always guarantee success; in fact, many participants often rely on luck, as evidenced by a high failure rate.

Signals and Tips

Signals and Tips involve following alerts from experienced investors on the trading platform. Before adopting a tip, it’s vital to review the tipster’s performance statistics, specifically their success rate in reaching profit targets and the average gains at each target.

Copy Trading and Mirror Trading are more passive, whereas Signals and Tips require active decision-making based on provided information.

Strategy For Social Trading

A strategic approach to social trading can significantly enhance your trading outcomes. Here’s a comparison of different strategies:

StrategyDescriptionSuccess Rate (%)Risk Level
Copy TradingReplicate the trades of successful tradersHighMedium
Social FollowingFollow top traders and their insights on the marketModerateLow-Medium
Crowd TradingBase trades on overall market sentiment among a group of tradersVariesHigh
Portfolio MirroringMirror the portfolio of a successful trader completelyModerateMedium
Hybrid ApproachCombine various social trading strategies for a diversified trading approachCustomCustom

Each of these strategies has its unique features and risks. As a social trader, it’s important to assess these aspects of your investment goals and risk tolerance. 

Benefits of Social Trading

1. Accessibility & Inclusion: Starting is as simple as creating an account on a trading platform and funding it. Instantly, traders from any corner of the world with internet access can begin searching for professionals whose strategies they wish to copy. 

2. Greater Information & Transparency: These platforms offer tools to monitor transactions and review all trading activities—open, closed, and pending. This real-time analysis boosts investor confidence. 

3. Word-of-mouth Credibility: Trust plays a pivotal role in social trading. Beyond just following popular traders, it’s important to scrutinise their trading history and reviews.

Final Thoughts

Remember, “In the world of investing, knowledge is a currency, and social trading is the exchange where it’s traded.” 

Embrace this innovative approach, but tread wisely, ensuring that your investment journey is not just about following others, but also about understanding and growing your financial acumen.

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How do I start social trading?

To start social trading, sign up on a social trading platform, choose a trader or strategy to follow, and begin replicating their trades using social trader tools.

Is social trading worth it?

Yes, social trading can be worth it, especially for beginners, as it allows learning from experienced traders and potentially earning while you learn.

How does trading affect a society?

Trading impacts society by influencing economic conditions, creating jobs, and sometimes affecting the prices of goods and services.

What is copy trading?

Copy trading is a strategy where you automatically replicate the trades of another investor, ideally a more experienced one, to mirror their success.

What is social trading vs. copy trading?

While both involve learning from others, social trading is broader, encompassing community learning and strategy sharing, whereas copy trading focuses on directly mirroring another trader’s moves.

What is a social trading broker?

A social trading broker is a financial intermediary that offers platforms and tools for traders to engage in social and copy trading.

Do social trading platforms allow copy trading?

Yes, most social trading platforms provide features for copy trading, enabling users to automatically replicate the trades of selected traders.

How can I be successful with copy trading?

Success in copy trading comes from carefully selecting experienced traders to copy, diversifying whom you copy, and regularly reviewing and adjusting your strategy.

What’s the risk of social trading?

Social trading involves risks, especially when dealing with CFDs (Contracts for Difference), which are complex and carry a high risk of rapid money loss due to leverage. Between 74% and 89% of retail investors lose money in these trades.

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